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Let us ask you a question. 

Would you invest in a store, or a business of any kind, in the middle of the wilderness - where there are no people?

Silly question, right? 

You wouldn't, nobody would, it would be completely worthless

So why do so many small business owners do exactly this with their websites? 

Just like a store in the middle of a desert or a rain forest, regardless of how amazingly well designed your website is, if there are no people, the website is just pointless. 

This is what Team K3V are all about! 

We're a crack team of small business web marketing specialists, who specialize in picking up businesses from the the middle of the wilderness, and dropping them onto busy streets with lots of potential customers walking by - in other words, we transform business websites from WORTHLESS to PRICELESS.
  • Simple & Transparent: We will tell you step by step, on this page, exactly what will be done on your website, why, and how much you will pay.
  • Cost Effective: Our team are home based, and interact via video conference & team messenger, we have no offices to pay for, or other expensive overheads, all you pay for is our time!
  • Support: You will be assigned your own personal & expert account manager, who you'll be able to chat to, at your convenience, right from the start.
  •  Practical and Powerful: We REALLY know our stuff, and we focus on practical, realistic results - gaining page one rankings for search terms which are within the reach of your website.
Prefer a DIY approach? We'll tell you exactly how we do it all!:
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With the Whales Away, The Sharks Will Play
The Pitfalls of Hiring a Small Business Digital Marketing Firm
What you may have discovered, is that most REAL digital marketing companies don't want to work with small businesses with small budgets.  Many of the digital marketing agencies have minimum budgets which are WAY out of the reach of small businesses. 

But there are plenty of marketing agencies who specialize in helping small businesses, right? 

You'll probably be aware of this thanks to the countless telesales calls and spam emails you receive from companies who claim they can get you ranking highly on Google for an affordable fee.
By the way, did you ever wonder why, if these so called web marketing specialist firms can really do what they're telling you they can do, why then, do they use the lowest yield, disreputable (some even verging on illegal) marketing methods including telesales, spam email and door to door sales?  

Surely if they're really web marketing specialists, they would use their own skills to bring in new business, rather than stooping to low level marketing tactics like cold calling and spam?

The fact is, that many of these kinds of businesses are marketing firms who see the small business digital marketing area as easy pickings, and "digital marketing services" as an easy and profitable product to sell. 

We're not suggesting that every firm offering  small business digital marketing & search engine optimization services are scammers. 

Unfortunately, though,  in our experience there are a large number of individuals and companies operating in this area who are not delivering what they claim they will deliver for the fee they are charging. 
What Makes Team K3V so Different?
A REAL Digital Marketing Team Dedicated to Small Business.
Team K3V are a team of individual web marketing specialists who were brought together to create a service designed to offer effective digital marketing services within the budget of small businesses.
We don't try to make the usual, bigger business digital marketing work for small businesses, because it simply doesn't. 

Instead, we developed our own recipe for small business digital marketing, aimed at developing a source of CONSTANT and FREE traffic, leading to enquiries & new business, which is FAST, RELIABLE, and COST EFFECTIVE.
Why Big Business Web Marketing Doesn't Work for Small Business
The reason most digital marketing agencies avoid the small business market, is that standard digital marketing is just too expensive for small businesses. 

You just can't do it the same way on a small business budget.

Standard search engine optimization is mainly about off-page optimization. This used to mean directly buying backlinks, but since the various Google algorithm updates, most of which are named after cute animals, it has to be done differently.

It works kind of like a popularity contest, whoever can get the most popular friends (the most backlinks, from the most reputable and relevant websites) becomes the most popular, or in other words, ends up with the best Google positions. OK it's slightly more complex than this, but it's not a bad analogy.

What this actually entails, is outreach.

Outreach means a person, or a team of people, looking for potential sources of backlinks (a link from another website to yours), and contacting these people (reaching out) to find a way to end up with a backlink. This can often be by having a guest post professionally written and submitting this to the website, it can mean creating other content including video and/or infographics.  

Outreach is very expensive, because it takes a long time in the first place to contact the backlink sources, build up a rapport, discuss ideas, put forward proposals, and even after all of this, which can take weeks or longer, it usually also involves a cost. It's rare that popular blogs and other websites will give the link free of charge, usually money changes hands, and of course this has to be paid out of the client's budget.

The reason most digital marketing companies will have a minimum monthly budget well outside of the affordability of most small businesses, is that bigger businesses, generally speaking, need to rank for highly competitive search terms, and outreach needs to be the main method employed in order to rank for these terms.

Some firms will need to pay upwards of several thousands per month, and it may take two to three years before they can see the desired results.

Clearly, this would not work for small businesses. 
Here's EXACTLY What we do...
The K3V Recipe for Affordable, Effective Small Business Digital Marketing 
We have a very specific approach that we use to transform our small business client's websites from being a dead weight, to being highly effective 24/7/365 marketing machines, continually generating new leads, enquiries and new business, and we'll tell you EXACTLY how we do it, right here on this page (join our email list "Getting a website prepped for Google Success - Step by Step." for even more detail). 

We're literally about to tell you step by step what we will do for your website, no catch, if you want to do it yourself instead of hiring us, be our guests, we can't work with everyone, and some people prefer the DIY approach, so we have no problem with that!
Step 1: Befriend Google
The first step is to go through your website and address the three main areas of Google friendliness. To attempt to rank well for important search terms on Google without first addressing general Google friendliness is a futile exercise which many small businesses waste their time with.
  •  Convert to Wordpress. Wordpress is the most powerful, free web platform with a huge wealth of powerful plugins available to enable us supercharge small business websites. Many small business websites are built using platforms which are inherently unfriendly to Google, and which can prevent websites from achieving their potential. If this is the case with your website, we will show you how to simply convert your website to wordpress - or we can offer to do the work for you, for a small fee.
  •  Maximize Page load speed. How fast pages load is important to visitors and to Google. Check your page load speed here
  •  Ensure Mobile Friendliness. Again, this is a factor which is equally as important to visitors and Google. Check your mobile friendliness here.
  •  Install an SSL certificate. Google Chrome now displays a warning "Not Secure" message on websites without an SSL certificate, which can be off-putting to potential customers. You'll know your website doesn't have a certificate applied if your web address starts http:// instead of https://. It's not difficult or expensive to install a certificate, and all business websites should have one - that's not just us saying that, it's Google.
Once we have ensured the above is all in place, we'll move on to the next step:
Step 2: Get the Best From Google
Google have two brilliant resources for businesses that all businesses should be using.
  • Google Analytics. An incredibly powerful piece of FREE software from Google which shows you where your traffic is coming from, and what potential customers are doing when they get to your website. We will install Google analytics on your website, if it's not already installed and configured.
  • Google Search Console. Another amazing resource from Google which many of your competitors won't be using! We will set your website up on search console, so you can start harnessing the power of this free tool for your business.
Step 3: Making the most of Search Console & Google Analytics
While Google Analytics and Search Console are fantastic resources, they need properly setting up and configuring to get the best from them. This includes associating the Google Search console profile with the Google Analytics, so that Analytics can display the data available via Search Console. It also involves creating and submitting a site map using Search Console. 

Google Analytics is very powerful, but the standard user interface tends to confuse the heck out of most business people, so we install a premium, interactive, attractive and easy to use dashboard called Analytify which makes it as easy as possible for business owners to understand their Google Analytics data. Analytify is available as a free and a premium plugin, our clients get the premium version at no extra cost, as we pay for a multi use subscription.

We haven't finished yet... Whatever the goals are of your website, whether it's for the customer to submit an enquiry, or to join your mailing list, to register for a trade account, or to order online - we'll set up tracking using Goals within Google Analytics, to track conversion rates.

Once we've done all of the above, your account manager will show you how to read and understand the data from Google Analytics and Search Console, and explain how to use this data to benefit your business going forwards. 
Step 4: Keyword & Competition Research
Probably the single most important part of the work we do for our clients, is the keyword research and competition research. 
We use a couple of powerful tools to carry out this work (Moz Pro & Longtail Keywords Pro), and the aim isn't just to highlight which search terms represent traffic, but more importantly, which search terms represent traffic which is the most likely to convert into enquiries and sales. 

The competition research part of this work is about understanding which of the potential search terms your website can rank on page one for in the near future without dramatically changing the domain authority or page authority. It's completely pointless trying to get a website ranked for a search term that it just doesn't stand a chance of ranking for any time soon, remember the expensive outreach work we mentioned earlier? Instead we start off focusing on relevant search terms which your website will be able to rank for, which means results in the near future. 
Step 5: On Page Optimization
Once we've done the keyword and competition research, the next step is to optimize the pages of your website for the search terms we've identified. We do this by putting these terms in the key places, such as the page title, meta description, headings tags, image alt tags, and throughout the page content. 

There's skill involved in this, it's not just a case of repeating keywords, it all has to flow naturally, so it doesn't reduce the quality of your content, and it's certainly not about keywords stuffing, which means going overboard and stuffing a page full of keywords, in fact this is a surefire way to turn Google off your website. 
Step 6: Installing a Turbo
Next, we Install and configure a great search engine optimization guidance plugin (called Yoast SEO) which helps small business owners to optimize new content as it is created. 

To ensure exponential results, we then give the client a step by step guide on  on how to generate new, well optimized content using this great tool.
Step 7: Outreach
Remember we mentioned outreach earlier, which means reaching out to other websites to gain backlinks? 

Small businesses usually wouldn't have the budget to outsource outreach, as it's very time consuming, and therefore very expensive. However, there are some ways that you (or members of your workforce) can work on gradually improving your domain authority score by reaching out to suppliers, customers, trade organizations, and others who may be willing to link to your website. 

There are also other potential backlink sources such as targeted trade directories, which usually aren't beneficial directly in terms of "link juice", as these kinds of links will be "NoFollow", but they're still worth having.

The final step, is that we will give you a guide on how to do your own outreach, so you know how to keep your domain authority on the increase, which will continually improve your website's ability to rank for more competitive search terms. 
Let's Talk Money
All About our Costs
We have a really simple way of working when it comes to pricing, we simply work on a fixed fee.

The cost for all of the steps above, is just $1995. 

We say "just", we do realise that $1995 isn't a tiny amount of money for a small business to pay, but most people will appreciate that given all of the work involved, this is a very reasonable one off charge for such a valuable service.

If you are thinking that $1995 is too much to pay for this kind of work, even if you decide not to work with K3V, we would highly recommend that you change your thinking when it comes to the value of your website ranking highly on Google for important search terms. 
An Invisible Website is Worthless - a Visible Website is Priceless!
The average small business website costs from $3,000 - $6,000, but at the point a business website is launched, it's completely worthless, until it begins to produce enquiries and/or sales. It can't possibly do this until it has traffic, and it won't have traffic until your potential customers are able to find it.

It never ceases to amaze us, that some business people who have paid thousands for a new website, appear to be happy for their website, that they have invested so much money in, to remain worthless, due to a lack of investment in marketing. 

Some business people do invest in their website, but only sponsored traffic, Google pay per click, facebook ads and so on. We can't quite get our heads around that logic either. 

With pay per click, you have to pay, all the time. The minute you stop paying, the traffic stops. 

Organic traffic is FREE. OK, it's not free to have the initial work done by specialists like us who will help to get your website ranking for organic search, but once this work is complete, you can expect to enjoy the benefits for a long time to come. In fact, if you follow our guidance when it comes to adding new well optimized content, and doing your own outreach, the results are likely to increase over time, not decline. 

 Investing in sponsored marketing in addition to organic makes sense, as long as you're careful to make sure that you're actually making a profit from this traffic, as it's very easy to make a loss from sponsored search traffic without being aware. But to only focus on sponsored search, and to ignore the incredible source of FREE targeted traffic that organic Google results represents, seems crazy to us! 
Now What?
Have you decided you're interested in working with K3V? Great!
If you're interested, but you haven't quite made up your mind yet and you'd like to ask questions, that's fine - just email us. If you're ready to go ahead without asking questions, that's fine too, and you'll be able to ask as many questions as you like, at any time. To go ahead, just click the order button below, and we'll get everything set up.
What Happens Next?
On the next page, you'll be asked to give us the details of your website. Within a day or two (usually the same or next working day) you'll be contacted by the team member who you've been assigned as your account manager. This person will ask you for any additional info required, and will take it from there, step by step, with the hope of completing the work in full within around one to two weeks. 

Please note that if additional work is required, for instance if your website is built within a platform which is inherently non-Google friendly, and requires converting to wordpress, then this will increase the time-frame. 
What if You Change Your Mind?
This is no problem, if you change your mind before any work has been done, we'll simply issue a full refund, no questions asked. If you change your mind at any stage during the completion of the work, we will refund for any of the work which hasn't yet been completed at this stage. 
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